I'm limited.

Also for writing practice of long letters, not focusing on grammar.

I'm totally limited.
It might be looked wired cuz you know who I am, but seriously I’m serious.
How can you fix you in case some trouble make you too emotional?
When like this, to understand and consider deeply the quotes by some brilliant stages could or might be possibly good drug for me.
The message of musical songs stings my heart.


Wicked is nice one.

For Good.
Normally daily life sometimes becomes perfect, nevertheless 'ts uncontrollable, painful, bullshit and rubbish cuz suddenly your tennis ball come out of nowhere. Never you imagine treasure shows up. Sometimes. First and foremost, considering the question might be already foolish?
Were if I a businesslike man, is it more adorable or boring for me? How’s life gonna be? It said that one come into my life and let me most to grow in this my life-time. I found my tennis ball, star, absolutely then I didn't know. Well, I dunno if I believe what's true, but now I know I'm who I am today. Like a comet pulled from the orbit, now I could realise it well may be that we never be and apart that shud've known, not being you taught. So much of me is made from what I learned from one and now whatever way our stries must end. I know you've not write the story of mine cuz I cant be one's skybird. How could be changed for good?
One of my friends told me “businesslike you is not you. You are a nosy parker. It is YOU. Be yourself.”
In most cases, the friendship is totally nice one, but sometimes it becomes a big obstacle. Have you faced such a happening?
Anyway, it is said that nobody can define "friendship" cuz 'ts notta same recognition, and all each ppl would have various meaning. Guys you ever put your considering cap on bouta true friendship?
Only once would be okay, plz try to charactarise a your friendship. What is friendship FOR YOU? What is your wish for friendship? Can you characterise it with YOUR words? How could we know the boundary between friendship and not friendship(pro-meaning)? How could we possibly prove that's the true story?
Wanna I know this philosophical matter which is totally able to be grasped, specifically after being white collar.
I do believe i7ve been changed for the better not to bother ya cuz I knew.


Jersey Boys is also brilliant.
Have I done all I could do, haven't I?
Now it's up to you, both of us or meeeeeee?
We've done a lot of things and we shared almost memory from last year cuz almost the time of our lifetime is devoted for a job.
But this would be beginning and ending with feeling like so in my life time, so now I know the recent day is the exception and all my performance was given.
Depending on someone is lopsided and selfish, but the person like that oneself feels better even if opposite doesn't, that why mentioned lopsided.
Now are we all through, I couldn't keep my temper and I cried for you though.
Don't go baby. With someone new. Don't go baby. And you made fool of me, now I'm leaving. No make me believed.
Why do you mixture so sentimental and unsentimental attitude? I can't get you if you're twisting my arms! But I'm easy so that I can't say NO. Losers are always losers.
Sometimes the importance of I doesn't exist cuz whoever is gonna work that makes you smile.
That let me completely disgusted, depressed and pissed off even I am just your friend.
In retrospect, I personally reckon with the memory through so far you would feel nothing even if I am like above.
Suddenly you came into my work-life for a season, bringing something fun as a bonus, I'm not sure but it has past over 300 days.
Nevertheless, we apart suddenly suddenly and suddenly. I beg you you you and you being a friend.
Who can if I have been changed and be better?
I know the time we shud be better and there is no room cuz now I'm leaving.
You made fool of me, but love you much more that you know.
Don't go baby, someday break my heart.
Feeling like a piece of my heart is missing nevertheless it is like a piece of cake.


Groundhog is lovely.

Nobody is perfect and everyone has a weakness.
But one day you’re gonna be brilliant without training a lot. It’s little complex and complicated cuz the growth as a white collar is whatever for others, especially me. The quality of one is not focused on its point from the viewpoint of mine. Please don’t make me laugh I say literally, it’s not true actually. To make it worse, I’m sure that I know you know what I know and that’s a quality. The characteristic point is stinging towards my emotion. It doesn't seem likely to be done well and it can’t be bothered me. The characteristic is most valuable. Someday, substantial intimate friendship what actually existed could be true friendship? More could I say and how could I express?